The 5 Ds for weightloss


I was thinking back over my weight loss history and discovered the 5 Ds to be the fastest and most unnatural ways that I have lost weight. Yes, I included “Diets” in this list because there’s absolutely nothing more unnatural than reducing your whole-person to fit into a weight loss formula that makes you focus on food. Diets, like divorce, death and disease are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting and destructive to our whole-person health. And, seriously, can we have a honest conversation about the history of weight loss drugs?

Think about this for a second, diet has the word die in it. Diets ask you to divorce yourself from your feelings, thoughts and anything that gets in the way of you obeying the formula. We have been conditioned to do whatever it takes to lose weight, even if that means taking drugs that have lethal side effects. Is dieting the cause of obesity and the epidemics of diet-related disease and sickness? Have diets destroyed our health by forcing us to focus on manipulating calories, instead of encouraging us to fill up on the best and most nutritious foods without rules?

We are not designed to diet just like we are not designed to experience death, divorce and disease, which is why these experiences are so devastating to our spirits, minds, hearts, bodies and relationships.

It’s time for the generations of women who have failed, succeeded and failed at dieting to tell the truth and help set generations of girls free from following in their weight loss obsession and free from the treadmill of disappointment and the formula for poor health.

Return to the basics of health and remember how you are designed to be healthy and whole. Life is hard enough, so stop focusing on food and depriving yourself of the nutrients you need to walk through the ups and downs of life. #vivealchemy#overit