Health, Hope and Happiness


I want to plant seeds of truth in people’s hearts. I want to water them with love. It’s funny that I grew up on farm and I barely planted anything but I have this deep hunger to create a space of love and truth for people to become their best selves. I want us to remember what is really beautiful and good, and what deserves to be honored and celebrated. 

No offense, but I don’t want anymore advice or opinions. I don’t want access to your pics but no access or opportunity for a real relationship. There something extremely insane that we know so much about each other and yet we don’t know each other at all.  Vulnerability is not posting a pic and real connection only happens from sharing the truth that flows out of our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies. Why do we waste so much time and energy posting our opinions, fragments of ourselves  and photoshopping our lives, when we could be creating places to share our hopes, dreams, doubts and fears. I hunger for conversations where living how we are designed and being weak, needy, fragile, vulnerable, sensitive, desperate and dependent on love is courageous and giving our experience, strength and hope is a daily practice. I desperately want a chance to make friends and grow relationships that help me to become more of who I am designed to be and less of who I often times to pretend to be. 

I want so much more than a girls night out, another glass of wine, dessert and an empty night void of anything that would nourish my spirit, heart, mind and body. I find myself starving for conversations full of hope, joy, love and truth. I need living and breathing people who are just as desperate as me. Please give us a chance to know each other and let’s create a community of human beings who are committed to health, hope and healing.

Join me for a different conversation and an opportunity to participate in community who cultivate the love of ourselves and one another. Come Vive with me.

Are your what-ifs keeping you from living?

img_0969Have you ever thought about how many what-ifs that you might be holding on to? There are what-ifs in our closets, “What if I lose 10lbs, then I can wear those clothes again?’. There are what-ifs in our garages, “What if I need a birdhouse lamp?”. There are what-ifs in our pantries, cabinets, storage units and there are what-ifs in our spirits, heart, minds, bodies, and relationships. Have you ever thought how what-ifs don’t really give us options or create opportunities to grow but keep us living in the past, unable to face the truth or set us free to live with open hearts, open minds, open spirits and open hands in the present? Could it be that all our what-ifs are not only wasting space, time, money, and energy but keeping us from living in a natural rhythm and flow to give and receive the love and truth we need to become our best selves?

I feel paralyzed by what-ifs. My closet is full of clothes that I haven’t worn in years and things in my garage now have 3 years of dust but what’s really holding me down are the what-ifs of my life, “What-if I had just stayed married, What-if I had spent more time with kids, What-if I had done more, done less or done something different”. What-ifs are at the root of my anxiety, fears, guilt and shame, and they rob me of everything I need to experience and enjoy my life right here and right now. They keep me hoarding things that will never produce peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. What-ifs keep me looking back, not trusting in the process of life or believing in the mystery and power of something greater than me. My what-ifs judge me and keep me perpetually looking back believing that I could have completely and perfectly controlled not only my life but the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others.

What-ifs do not motivate us and they cannot create change. They can only clutter our present opportunities to live, love, dream, risk, grow and flourish; and live how we are designed.

It’s time to clean out the what-ifs. It’s time to be set free from guilt, shame, pain, and fear and be set free to receive forgiveness, mercy, truth, and love. We cannot live with what-ifs because they distract, clutter and prevent us from living right here and right now. How do we clean out the what-ifs? We can start by telling the truth about them and asking ourselves questions about what we need to live today. Are we holding onto to crumbs of the past? Are we scared to clear out anger, guilt, shame, and pain and create the space for vulnerability, uncertainty, and mystery? Will we trust the process of letting go to open the pathways to give and receive love, truth, hope, and joy? Today, I encourage you to clean out every space that keeps you hoarding the crumbs of what-if and open your heart, mind, spirit and hands to the gifts that are being given today to fill you up with love, beauty, strength, care and nourishment.