New year and an old approach to food.

We are not designed to use food to lose weight. Even though food can be used to get temporary results, we will hurt the health of spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and relationships by trying to piece together some crazy weight loss formula that offers us the fastest results possible. When we approach food to use as a means to an end, we will not only reduce ourselves but we will reduce our real issues with food. Food is not designed to be our personal saviour, best friend or a way to get love.

I can promise you that neither a cave man or Jesus Christ approached food to regulate their weight, control their emotions, sanctify their spirits or find comfort, security or health. They were not in a relationship with food. They didn’t eat ice cream, drink protein shakes or use weight loss supplements. They simply ate the natural and whole foods available to them and lived their lives.

Health does not start with food but with us remembering how we are designed to eat and live. Health is not a program but an ongoing process that happens when we practice the basics of nourishment. The more we practice, the stronger and healthier our bodies, spirits, hearts and minds should become.

It’s time to ask yourself some honest questions. Are you experiencing the cumulative effects of years of not breathing, listening, asking, looking and moving to nourish your body, spirit, heart and mind? Have you spent years  doing countless diets, programs and hacks to control your weight, hormones, emotions, fears, boredom, stress, anxiety and happiness?

The truth is that health is not just a food issue or a body issue, it is a whole-person issue. Yes, our bodies have a design that works when we give them the real foods they need to rid themselves of toxins, excess weight and fight, heal and prevent sickness and disease. But, how we approach food is determined by how we feel and how we feel is determined by us being full of truth and love.

It’s time for a different conversation that begins with you and not weight-loss or food. Join us to discover how you are easily and naturally designed to VIVE.

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