We don’t need formulas.


  • You don’t need to work harder.
  • You don’t need more discipline.
  • You don’t need more focus.
  • You don’t need tougher workouts.
  • You don’t need harder exercises.
  • You don’t need a diet.
  • You don’t need a better program.
  • You don’t need to be broken down.
  • You don’t need more reps or sets.
  • You don’t need f…ing motivation.

I want you to discover what you really need is love. I want you to discover love for who you are and how you are designed. You aren’t designed to “just do it” but you are designed to be a whole-person, who isn’t defined by what you can or cannot do.

When you know who you are and how you’re designed to love your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships, then you WILL become emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally and mentally healthy- as a WHOLE-PERSON.

Do you want to be at a healthy weight?
Do you want to be less stressed?
Do you want to be less busy?
Do you want to be full?
Do you want a friend and community?

Of course, you do. We are designed for these things. However, we are not going to find any of these things in a program or a formula. We are not going to find anything that we are designed for, including health in some bullshit, fragmented formula that wants to separate our hearts, spirits, minds and bodies to get a result.

You know what I gave-up when I had six-pack abs? I gave-up loving my heart, mind, community and spirit to make sure I ate and worked out exactly how and when the formula told me. I trusted a formula that did not tell me the truth about the equal and opposite results of focusing so much time and energy on just my body. Nor did it warn me that the practice of reducing myself to a body and ignoring the other parts of myself would eventually break me down physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and relationally.

See, there is no room for whole people in formulas. To fit into the formula, we must reduce ourselves and our lives; and revolve our whole day around what we need to do to achieve results. We do formulas because we believe that we can change ourselves from the the outside-in; and we do the formula to get something that “feels” like love and “feels” like living (like attention, approval, worth, endorphins, comfort, security and happiness). Unfortunately, formulas are not just at the gym, they are everywhere.

We live in formulas to avoid anxiety, pain, fear, guilt, loneliness, hopelessness and shame; and we keep doing formulas even when they result in anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness, pain, guilt and shame. What is social media other than a code, a formula for community; and even though it makes us more anxious and even lonelier, we keep logging on. Eating has resulted in sickness and disease but we keep using food to get results. Maybe it’s the formula for boredom, guilt or to avoid our feelings for some and for others it’s the formula for comfort and success. Shopping is no different. It has been sold as the formula for worth and value; and as we rack up debt, we also accumulate suffocating levels of anxiety. How can we continue to live with the equal and opposite results that formulas give when every time we win, we all lose even more.

Honestly, we can’t. We are not designed to live in formulas. We are amazing. We have a beautiful design. We need freedom to grow. We need failures and risk to pull and stretch us. We need our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and relationships to become more. It’s time to rediscover how we are designed and the life that we are designed to live. Join me for a new way and new conversation about everything we are have already been given because we are deeply and truly loved. vivealchemy.com

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