Food is nothing less than a gift to nourish your whole-person.

nutrient-additives-medicine-pills-bless-you-47073How can you absolutely guarantee the misuse of something? By focusing all your time, energy, money and attention on it.

Any “diet” that makes you think about food all day, wants to talk about food all day and even wants to talk about food more than it wants talk about you is a bad “diet.”

A friend told me once about a girl she thought I should follow on Instagram. The girl once had a life-threatening eating disorder and now she talks about using food in a positive way. Sounds great, right? Here’s someone who had used food negatively and was now using food positively. Something about that story just rubbed me the wrong way. The next morning the question hit me, “Why is someone who had been so obsessed with food STILL dedicating her life to talking about food?”. It didn’t make sense to me that whether it was good talk or bad talk that she was still talking about food.

I do believe that anytime food becomes the focus of our daily lives and we think about it, we talk about it with friends and in “diet” groups, and we use hotlines, coaches and apps that focus on food, then we encourage food to have power over us that it was not designed to have. Food should not dominate our thoughts, words, feelings or lives. We are not designed to use food for anything other than nutrients that we can give and receive as nourishment.

I believe it’s time we had a different conversation about food. One that doesn’t start with food talk but with a conversation about how we are designed to be nourished by many things, including food. At VIVE, we think it is extremely important for us to have an honest conversation about food but we do not believe food should be the focus. No doubt, food keeps us alive and nourishes an internal connection, but wild blueberries or cupcakes don’t connect the heart to the mind or the mind to the spirit. Likewise, we are not in a relationship with food and it cannot be a relationship connector. Food may be something we share with a friend but food cannot be the foundation of any relationship.

Look around, we are seeing the results of a diet and fitness culture that has told us to focus on food all day long and not only did it not change our bodies but it hurt our hearts, minds, spirits and relationships. In Vive, we want to help you discover that food is not the problem or solution. Instead, it is a basic need that doesn’t require all our attention. By using more time and energy nourishing our whole-person, then we will develop a flow and rhythm that naturally regulates how we nourish ourselves and our lives with not just food, but all of life’s gifts.

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