Pain is not weakness leaving the body.

Writing on pain today and I just wanted to encourage you to Give Up trying to transform pain. Perhaps, as we allow ourselves to just feel the pain, then we can breathe, listen, ask, look and move to give ourselves the care we need to heal.

Pain is not weakness leaving the body. Not all pain leads to glory.
Not all glory involves pain.
Pain can be just pain and it can be just painful.
Pain doesn’t undo you but pain is what comes out when you are undone.
Pain comes from growth and pain comes from sickness.
Pain comes from both winning and losing.
Pain doesn’t hurt but it is the result of being hurt physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally.
Pain can’t transform you and you can’t transform pain but you can feel it and respond to it, to help yourself or ask for help.
Pain forces you to feel. To feel is to remember you are alive and to be alive is to feel pain.
To feel pain can save your life or can mean you are saying goodbye to life.
Pain is a result of living and dying.
Pain is a common experience in life that connects us all but it cannot be the connection.
The connection we are designed to have is truth and when we tell the truth about our pain, we discover community and the healing that is found within.
If pain is a gift, it’s not because it results in a stronger person or learned lesson, but that it lead you to receive or give hope, help, love and truth.

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