Give up dieting

6AAE280E-96B9-4C7F-9E47-61B35F2CE55F.jpegWho doesn’t want to look better, feel better and move better?
Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed and confused by the overload of diet and exercise information available today?
Are you tired of the latest and greatest body transformation programs?
Can you really change your life by changing your body?
Are you tired of dieting yet?
Should you really have to kill yourself with exercise to lose weight?

*I haven’t met one person who doesn’t want to look, feel and move better.
*Yes! There is so much information being dumped on you that you should feel confused and overwhelmed.
*Seriously, I don’t think you want your life to be one endless body transformation program, diet or to do list.
*Yes, you should be tired of dieting because dieting does not work physically, mentally or emotionally.
*One of the biggest myths being manufactured is that  “You eat and exercise to lose weight” on which  an entire industry has built a billion dollar industry that sells you the most extreme, most insane, greatest intensity, hottest, fastest and most intense diet and workouts programs.
Not only are most diets unsustainable for life, but the moment you go on a “diet” to deprive and restrict yourself, your brain kicks in to protect yourself from yourself. It will somehow, somewhere and someway makeup for you depriving yourself. Dieting does not work because there is a mental, emotional and physical response to being deprived and even “feeling” deprived.
Your body is naturally trying to establish a rhythm, a flow that brings balance and healing. You can definitely try to deprive yourself and force yourself into a weight loss formula but you should know, ” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Your body listens. It listens to itself and what the mind and heart are saying. You are (physically, mentally, emotionally, spirituality and relationally) designed to counterbalance any restriction or deprivation.
Bottom line, unless your name is Michael Phelps and you swim many many hours a day, seven days a week then EXERCISE will not be your means for weight loss. In fact, exercise (even for Michael Phelps) isn’t about weight loss at all.

Exercise should strengthen movement and whole-person connection. It should encourage growth, development, optimal function of your body and enable you to enjoy YOUR life and YOUR activities.
Not only is your body meant to be free from rules and restrictions, but your spirit, mind and heart are fighters for freedom too. Your body wasn’t designed to tell your heart, mind, spirt what to think or how feel. Instead, your body reflects whether a person is healthy and well nourished as a whole-person.

We can Give-UP exercising to lose weight, it doesn’t happen unless we are fully nourished. We can GIVE-UP dieting because it isn’t how we are designed to eat. We can Give-Up telling our bodies what to do and start listening to our bodies. We can help supply our bodies with the nourishment they need to do millions of jobs and quit getting into our bodies way of doing what it does naturally. Our bodies biggest enemy or biggest ally is us
Give your body what it needs to do it’s job and function how it is designed. You can do this, you can Give-Up fighting against your design and GIVE-IN to caring for your design to look and feel your best.

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