Power of presence

View More: http://emileestanleyphotography.pass.us/vive-finalsI think we are desperately looking for places to be known and accepted. At least, I know I am. I deeply desire places that are full of real people that I can touch, smell, see and hear.

Community cannot happen in places where we cannot be our whole-selves and cannot be fully present (body, heart, mind and spirit). We are designed to live in real community where we can practice receiving and giving honor and respect to our voices, truths, gifts and time. We are also designed to sit down together to real meals and share our laughter, tears, fears, hopes and dreams.

If we don’t create these places, then we will continue to look for life in places where we are forced to disconnect our real person from the gifts of our truth, talents, time and presence. We cannot possibly fit our whole-person in a tweet, post or pic; and without the ability to be fully present, we will be disconnected from the divine power that lives within us and is unleashed in real relationships. Remember your experience, strength and hope are gifts that you can give to us to know you better and to encourage us to know ourselves more. Even our dark places, annoying habits, deep fears and hard truths have a purpose to help us grow. Why would you fragment yourself and only give us parts of yourself without giving us the entire you?

There is Power in Presence. There is Power in Truth. There is Power in Love. We desperately need your presence to experience your truth and love; and to expose the power that lives inside of us.

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