When a weightloss diet hurts your health

52BA3AB9-7ADA-4136-A19B-9586B74B41D1Is your weightloss diet sabotaging your health by destroying your gut health?
1) Weightloss is easy, if you want to starve yourself. Honestly, depriving oneself of sufficient calories is exactly the way most diets work. It’s a simple formula of calories burned being greater than calories consumed. If  weightloss is the goal, then weightloss can be achieved with cabbage soup and even pizza (no joke). We have witnessed many people lose weight doing all kinds of crazy things. On the other hand, there is a way to lose weight and improve your health immediately; and not worry about calories.
2) To be healthy, Starch is a must. Diets void of Foods High in Resistant Starch like Uncooked oats, Beans, peas and lentils, Under-ripe bananas, Cooked and cooled potatoes, Barley, Brown rice, Quinoa will absolutely prove to undermine your gut health and hurt your overall health.
3) To be healthy, you must eat. Diets void of a volume and variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, grains and leafy greens will be unable to satisfy your bodies need for nutrients in your gut and throughout your entire body.
4) To be healthy, you must eat fiber. Fiber is king and if you’re not pooping at least once a day, then you are not getting the recommended 30-45 grams needed for to rid your body of toxins, waste and fat.
5) To be healthy, you need nutrients from more things than food. Sun, Sleep, Water, Exercise and a routine for mental, emotional and spiritual health are all vital to looking and feeling our physical best.
6) To be healthy, avoid drinking alcohol. Beyond a tiny amount, it is absolutely horrible for your gut health and overall health.
7) To be healthy, is to be gut healthy. Research is showing that gut health affects everything, including weight-loss, inflammation, cancer and emotional health. Gut health is absolutely impossible without a daily and ongoing supply of fiber found only in plants. Health is not a result, it is a practice of daily nourishment with real whole foods and not shakes.

Truth is that you don’t need a diet. You just need to eat a lot of plants and avoid processed oils, fats and foods including dairy and meat. Do the research. Your health is in your hands. Trust your design and give your body the nutrients it needs to do the millions of jobs it does on a daily basis.

For more information and a different way to think about how you are designed to be healthy and naturally lose weight, join us at vivealchemy.com

We are not enough and that’s enough for love.

img_1926Enough of the Enough Talk

We have been told that we are enough but what are we enough for? We have also been told that we are not enough but what are we not enough for? Are we enough or are we not enough?

How many times have we been told that we are not enough? How many times have we told ourselves that we are not enough? How long have we tried to be enough for ourselves and others?

How’s that working for us?

Aren’t we tired of trying to prove we are enough? Have we had enough of always failing to be enough? Who gets to determine how enough is enough anyway? Who sets the enough standard? Do our parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, kids, spouses, siblings, spouses, peers, government, religion, culture, mainstream media, or social media?

Are we …
Smart enough
Tough enough
Hard-working enough
Successful enough
Nice enough
Thin enough
Strong enough
Pretty enough
Athletic enough
Religious enough
Holy enough
Obedient enough
Moral enough

What if we aren’t enough, then what? How do we become enough? Do we play the game or work the program of enoughness?

Being enough has always been a law/rule/standard that we have been controlled by; and that we have used to control others.

Is there such thing as enough? Can we honestly say that we are enough?

Are we enough to control our bodies? Are we enough to control our thoughts and emotions? Are we enough to control our relationships, our world, and our day-to-day life? Do we believe we are enough to control what happens on a plane or in a car? Do we walk out into a storm and believe we are enough to control the weather? How do we get a divorce, go to a funeral or get into an accident and believe that we are enough to keep hurt and pain from happening? How do we send our kids to kindergarten or college and believe that we are enough to protect them from all things hurtful? How did we come to believe that we could walk into life and be enough to provide and protect not only ourselves, but the people we love from all things and at all times?

What if life wasn’t about living to prove that we are enough, but life was supposed to free us to realize that we are not enough and that is exactly the point? What if our human design constantly testified that we aren’t enough and it forced us to look beyond ourselves to discover who or what is more than enough to cover our not-enoughness?

What if the only way to connect to love, hope and joy was to not be enough? What if every circumstance and every relationship was part of a bigger plan to expose us to the reality and the truth that “we are not enough” and the greatest “sins” are when we use ourselves, our friends, family, talents, gifts and skills to construct lives that are so small that we can delude ourselves with the lie of enoughness?

This idea that we are born to be enough stands in complete contradiction to our human design and it keeps us from connecting to love, truth, hope joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control and rest. There’s no way we can truly experience life if we are constantly trying to control it to earn enoughness or prove that we are enough. At the same time, if we were enough, then why would we need love or anything else? Wouldn’t we just be enough?

What if not being enough was just the space we needed to grow ourselves and our relationships?

Where did we first learn that we were not enough and being not enough was not enough? Was it in our family, in our community, in our school or in church? How did we respond? Don’t we all remember that point when we realized being a kid wasn’t enough, that being —vulnerable, innocent, sensitive, transparent, fragile, weak, desperate—wasn’t enough to protect us from the world, wasn’t enough to please someone or wasn’t enough to be loved? When were we not allowed to not be enough or to be honest that we weren’t enough?

Why wasn’t it enough to make mistakes, feel everything, speak our mind, tell the truth, live vulnerably, be sensitive, needy, weak, transparent, desperate and dependent? Why couldn’t we just be children and be who we were and grow as we were designed? Why did we need systems, institutions, standards, test, grades, list, and scores to teach us what enough was? How many generations have been crushed by the guilt, shame, and fear of not being enough because we didn’t pass some “enough test”? What if we passed the test and proved we were enough? Then what? Were we allowed to just stay where we were or were we challenged that enough wasn’t enough and we needed to be more?

How did we respond to not being enough? Did we create someone that we could pretend would be enough for whoever said we weren’t enough? Were we led to believe if we could prove we were enough, it would be enough to provide us with protection, love, and all that love provides (hope, peace, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, value, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, rest and self-control)? What did we need to do and who did we need to be… to be enough? Would being good, strong, pretty, thin, obedient, smart, athletic, loyal, hardworking, and successful make us enough? How much of these qualities would we need to be enough to satisfy the enough gods?

What happens if and when these qualities weren’t enough, or we couldn’t be these things? Did the failure of never making the enough cut result in enough guilt, shame, and fear to “motivate” us to do better and try harder or did it just crush us? On the other hand, did the success and pride of being enough set any of us free to stop trying to prove we were enough?

Are we tired of trying to be enough?

What if the struggle was enough? What if just being was enough and just being not enough encouraged and nourished people so much that it was incalculable, immeasurable, and life changing? What if there was no such thing as being successful enough, financially secure enough, educated enough, or happy enough? What if we are never enough, but we are full of love, hope, truth, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control? Would these things be enough for us to experience and enjoy life no matter what we had, what we looked like or how we performed?

What if every fear could be answered by the truth that we aren’t enough and that truth could set us free from the anxiety, pressure, busyness, and the lie that we can be enough, and we can do enough to provide and protect ourselves?

Are we exhausted from trying to be enough? Are we sick, stressed, depressed, sad and angry from always trying to be enough? Have we reduced our lives and fragmented ourselves because we are trying to prove we are enough in these little areas and we’re running from all the other places in our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies, and relationships that we know we are not enough?

What if trying to be enough actually made us feel and become more aware of just how not enough we are? What’s the answer to all this enough talk? Perhaps it is time to GIVE-UP trying to be enough and feeling the guilt, shame, and fear of not being enough. We are not enough to be perfect or to perfectly provide for and protect ourselves Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Relationally.

Not only are we not enough, but all the things we try to use are not enough to make us enough. Food is not enough; sex is not enough; exercise is not enough; relationships are not enough; money is not enough; spouses are not enough; children are not enough; friends are not enough; our parent’s approval is not enough; cultural acceptance is not enough and neither are the right bodies, careers, homes, schools, degrees, religion, rules, information, power, fame and status. None of these things are enough when we need them to prove that we are enough.

What if our purpose is not discovered where we think we are enough but where we can rest in not being enough? As long as we are trying to be enough, we will never have enough time, energy or money to prove that we are enough and will rob us of experiencing and enjoying life. The truth is, we will never be enough for ourselves, others, the world or even divine love, if we have to prove we are enough to earn acceptance, worth, mercy, forgiveness (aka LOVE).

The real answer to all this enough talk is not anything we can do, become or use to prove we are enough. The only thing that can force our endless pursuit of enoughness and the endless amount of guilt, shame, and fear that comes along with that exhausting cycle is Love.

Love is enough for us and we are enough for love. Yet, love is not enough when it is not love but something that we have to work, perform or earn to get. We are enough for love and love is enough for us, when it is a gift that is received and given freely. Love is the answer to freeing us to happily live with “not being enough” for anything or anyone else but love. We are enough for love. We are enough for anyone who wants to love us and not use or consume us.

When we discover our not enoughness, we can discover more than enough love to fill us to overflowing to rest and receive more than enough of love, hope, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, mercy, forgiveness, imagination, dreams, excitement, care, health, friendships and life! The truth is, we are not enough, and that’s exactly who we are designed to be—so that we can receive the perfect love that we need to live the way we are designed.

The Alchemy of Human Design

Give up the grind.

healthy-person-woman-sportYou don’t need to work harder.
You don’t need more discipline.
You don’t need more focus.
You don’t need tougher workouts.
You don’t need harder exercises.
You don’t need a diet.
You don’t need a better program.
You don’t need to be broken down.
You don’t need to focus on change.
You don’t need more reps or sets.
You don’t need f…ing motivation.

I want you to discover what real health feels and looks like; and how you are naturally designed to “be” healthy.  You aren’t designed to “just do it” but you are designed to be a whole-person, who isn’t defined by what you can or cannot do.

When you know who you are and how you’re designed to eat, sleep, drink, sleep, breathe, listen, ask, look and move to nourish your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships, then you WILL become emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally and mentally healthier as WHOLE-PERSON.

Do you want to be at a healthy weight?
Do you want to be less stressed?
Do you want to be less busy?
Do you want to be healthier?
Do you want  real friends and community?

Of course you do. We are naturally designed to become our best selves. However, we are not going to find ourselves doing a program or a formula. We are not going to find heath/wholeness in anything that wants to separate our hearts, spirits, minds and bodies to get a result.

You know what I gave-up when I had six-pack abs? I gave-up loving my heart, my mind, my community and my spirit to make sure I ate and worked out when I was supposed to. The more I focused on my body, the more obsessed I became with my body. Thankfully, I was brought to a point that I had to admit that I had joined in the practice of reducing myself to a body to get results that told me who I was and what to do.

I didn’t understand how I was designed and we don’t understand the way we are designed to be healthy, when our whole day revolves around what we eat, how we exercise, what we buy and what we do. Instead, we live as bodies and we live as consumers, when we attempt to fill ourselves up and change ourselves from the the outside-in. We live as bodies and surrender living to do whatever is “guaranteed” to “change our lives and get results”; and we grind it out regardless of the anxiety, pain, fear, guilt, loneliness, hopelessness or shame that results from what we are doing.

For example, social media has resulted in increasing levels of anxiety and loneliness but we keep logging on for more. Eating has resulted in sickness and disease but we keep eating whatever makes us “feel good”.  We eat, don’t eat, exercise, don’t exercise, watch, scroll, work and worship to get results, even when those results are hurting our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and relationships.

Have you ever stopped to think that grinding it out keeps us from being known and accepted by keeping us disconnected from ourselves, others and the world. Perhaps, it is not your effort or lack of effort but these formulas and programs that are producing an epidemic of unhealthy results. It’s time to remember that we are not designed to eat, exercise, drink, worship, work, play and consume our way out of shame, guilt, fear or pain and into love, joy, hope, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness or self-control.

It’s time to step away from beating yourself up and having others beat you up to do better/ try harder. It’s time to give-up the grind and listen, learn, live and love. I don’t know where this process will take you but I can promise that it will be better than being reduced  and using the hell out of one part of yourself to “get” a result.

You are amazing. You have a beautiful design. It’s time to rediscover your design and the life you are designed to live. Join me for a new way and new conversation about everything we do to get everything we already have been given at vivealchemy.com

Discover how you are designed to be nourished.

fullsizeoutput_212bWe have forgotten that our body is a reflection of our heart, mind and spirit and we have bought into the theory that lasting body transformation and change can happen apart from our whole-person.

Welcome to VIVE Alchemy. We invite you to come in, take your shoes off, sit down and take a deep breath. You are welcome here. This is a safe place for you to discover how you are designed to feel, think, nourish, move and connect. We are not interested in your performance, your results or what you can produce. Rather, we are interested in you and how you are doing.
At VIVE Alchemy, we are done with programs that focus on results. We are no longer motivated by shame, guilt, fear or pride mantras that are formulated to make us perform, earn and buy. We have discovered that we are not designed to plug ourselves into the latest and greatest formulas; and that successful living cannot be measured, scored, calculated or weighed. We have chosen to stop listening to all the voices that tell us how we should feel, think, move and eat and we have started listening to ourselves.
At VIVE Alchemy we call this true-design living. We have chosen a different way to live that nourishes the connection we have with ourselves and each other. We trust that a well nourished self will create a flow and balance that naturally produces a spirit, heart, mind, body and community that are listening, learning, living and loving.

Give up living for results and discover how you are designed to nourish your whole-person just because you are worth it.  Join us at vivealchemy.com

The formula of success is knowing there is no formula of success.

fullsizeoutput_11a9The gym was the place that I had gone to almost everyday for 15 years to build my own body and to instruct others how to “transform themselves”. I had devoted 15 years to plugging myself into a mainstream diet and exercise formula that physically looked like it was working for me. I looked like my time in the gym had been well spent. For fifteen years, I plugged myself into a formula to maintain control and to get results that were easy to see and measure.

The results were physically working for me on some level. I had maintained a very athletic appearance through three kids and into my late 30s. At 39, I was stronger than I had ever been and had a pretty impressive workout program. But years of plugging myself into a formula to achieve results had (ironically) resulted in me treating my own self as nothing more than a variable. I didn’t listen to my body, I told it what to do. I needed it to perform. I didn’t enjoy my workouts. Rather, working out was just something I did to prove I was in control and winning. Every day was a competition and a comparison to past results and future goals.

The truth is if something had not broken down in me, then I would still be at the gym trying to squeeze out every bit out of myself to continue to make the formula work. If I could have just continued to view myself as just a body, then I would still be in the gym trying to prove that my formula was successful. The formula is addictive, especially if you’re able to achieve “good” results. Isn’t that how formulas work and what the fitness industry is selling us? If only we can plug ourselves into this exercise or diet program, then we should get these results. Guaranteed.

If you do exercise program (x) + diet (y), then you get these results (z).

I am sure you have heard the mantras that echo out of the gym, “no pain no gain”, “pain is weakness leaving the body”, “no excuses”, “weak ends here”, “winners work hard and losers quit” and on and on and on. (Hold on, let me throw up.) Have you noticed that each year the gym platitudes and the gym workouts have gotten more and more extreme. You can’t just sweat a little, you have to “sweat it all out” and “leave it all on the floor”. The expectation of every workout is for you to do more and try harder.  “Is that all you got?” “You must not want it bad enough.”. Everything has to be measured, timed and programmed to get maximum results, because results are the only thing that matters.

When it comes to results, they are either successful or unsuccessful, positive or negative or they determine if you are winning or losing. If the results are good, then you naturally keep doing the formula. If the results are bad, then you either stick with the formula and do better/try harder or you move to the next formula. Unfortunately, even when the results are “good”, they aren’t really ever good enough. In fact, the formula is going to demand you to do more and try harder each and every time to get better results.

Even good results aren’t good enough.

Have you noticed that results no longer communicate something about your workout? Rather, it tells you something about yourself. The exercise world is selling you a program/formula to plug yourself into and if that formula is unsuccessful, then it’s not the formula’s fault. Look at all the formulas “success stories”. Look at the number of people who did it and won. The results say “Guaranteed Success”, if you just do it right. If the formula is never wrong, then the problem lies with you. “You are not doing enough!”  “Don’t you have what it takes?” “Are you seriously a quitter?” “It’s not the formula’s fault, because this formula works! It is proven!” Now, the perfect-never-wrong-formula gets tell you who you are and based on the results, you will be labeled a winner or a loser.

We reduce ourselves to plug ourselves into formulas when we don’t know who we are or how we are designed.  

Obviously, we don’t trust the design of our bodies, hearts, minds, spirits or relationships, when we look for formulas to change them. No part of a person is designed to be plugged into a formula and/or used to get results. My own personal journey led me to a point that forced me to acknowledge and accept that for the majority of my life I believed formulas and programs were the answer. I did not realize that always doing a program kept me disconnected from myself. I just thought programs were what you did to get results and results were the only thing that mattered. For too long, I existed with a mind, heart, spirit and body that each lived separately from one another in their own formulas and programs.

But isn’t that what we are being taught and marketed? When I walk into the gym, I don’t need my heart, mind, spirit or relationships. Instead, I just need my body to do (to obey) the formula. I just need to control my body and if I get “good” results, then I will spend more time in the formula that makes me look like I have control. As I spend more time focusing on one part of myself (my body), then I ignore all my other parts.

Don’t think for a moment that formulas are just for the gym. I have been handed formulas for my spirit that ask me to check my mind, heart, body and relationships at the door. I have been handed formulas that tell me how to think, how to feel and how to love. There are thousands of formulas/programs for sale. Formulas don’t need your feelings, thoughts or beliefs. They just need your obedience and your wallet.

So what’s the answer? Create a formula to give up formulas? Of course not. I do think we need to give up formulas and I think most of us are ready but we are afraid that to give up the fomulas (that are actually destroying us), because they give us some illusion of control. I also don’t think we can just give-up the formula until the negative results we are getting from life outweighs the one result that we are getting from our formula. For example, you are really rich but you lost who you were and everyone you cared about in your money making formula.

Vive is  the result of me being crushed by the results that the formulas didn’t tell me about (I gave up being a result) and VIVE is a place for us to live as we are designed. So, today I invite you to GIVE-UP living for results. GIVE-UP reducing yourself to fit into a formula. GIVE-UP being told you are a winner or a loser based on your performance.  GIVE-UP winning and losing. Because in the end, winning is LOSING parts of yourself and others that cannot fit into that formula. I have “won” trophies and have had good results but nothing compares to the results that I have received when I GAVE-UP doing a formula and started just breathing, listening, asking, looking and moving.

VIVE Alchemy is a place where we can GIVE-UP and discover how we can actually have the best results when we quit trying to get results by living to nourish our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits with the things they are designed for.

Pain is not weakness leaving the body.

Writing on pain today and I just wanted to encourage you to Give Up trying to transform pain. Perhaps, as we allow ourselves to just feel the pain, then we can breathe, listen, ask, look and move to give ourselves the care we need to heal.

Pain is not weakness leaving the body. Not all pain leads to glory.
Not all glory involves pain.
Pain can be just pain and it can be just painful.
Pain doesn’t undo you but pain is what comes out when you are undone.
Pain comes from growth and pain comes from sickness.
Pain comes from both winning and losing.
Pain doesn’t hurt but it is the result of being hurt physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally.
Pain can’t transform you and you can’t transform pain but you can feel it and respond to it, to help yourself or ask for help.
Pain forces you to feel. To feel is to remember you are alive and to be alive is to feel pain.
To feel pain can save your life or can mean you are saying goodbye to life.
Pain is a result of living and dying.
Pain is a common experience in life that connects us all but it cannot be the connection.
The connection we are designed to have is truth and when we tell the truth about our pain, we discover community and the healing that is found within.
If pain is a gift, it’s not because it results in a stronger person or learned lesson, but that it lead you to receive or give hope, help, love and truth.

Give up dieting

6AAE280E-96B9-4C7F-9E47-61B35F2CE55F.jpegWho doesn’t want to look better, feel better and move better?
Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed and confused by the overload of diet and exercise information available today?
Are you tired of the latest and greatest body transformation programs?
Can you really change your life by changing your body?
Are you tired of dieting yet?
Should you really have to kill yourself with exercise to lose weight?

*I haven’t met one person who doesn’t want to look, feel and move better.
*Yes! There is so much information being dumped on you that you should feel confused and overwhelmed.
*Seriously, I don’t think you want your life to be one endless body transformation program, diet or to do list.
*Yes, you should be tired of dieting because dieting does not work physically, mentally or emotionally.
*One of the biggest myths being manufactured is that  “You eat and exercise to lose weight” on which  an entire industry has built a billion dollar industry that sells you the most extreme, most insane, greatest intensity, hottest, fastest and most intense diet and workouts programs.
Not only are most diets unsustainable for life, but the moment you go on a “diet” to deprive and restrict yourself, your brain kicks in to protect yourself from yourself. It will somehow, somewhere and someway makeup for you depriving yourself. Dieting does not work because there is a mental, emotional and physical response to being deprived and even “feeling” deprived.
Your body is naturally trying to establish a rhythm, a flow that brings balance and healing. You can definitely try to deprive yourself and force yourself into a weight loss formula but you should know, ” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Your body listens. It listens to itself and what the mind and heart are saying. You are (physically, mentally, emotionally, spirituality and relationally) designed to counterbalance any restriction or deprivation.
Bottom line, unless your name is Michael Phelps and you swim many many hours a day, seven days a week then EXERCISE will not be your means for weight loss. In fact, exercise (even for Michael Phelps) isn’t about weight loss at all.

Exercise should strengthen movement and whole-person connection. It should encourage growth, development, optimal function of your body and enable you to enjoy YOUR life and YOUR activities.
Not only is your body meant to be free from rules and restrictions, but your spirit, mind and heart are fighters for freedom too. Your body wasn’t designed to tell your heart, mind, spirt what to think or how feel. Instead, your body reflects whether a person is healthy and well nourished as a whole-person.

We can Give-UP exercising to lose weight, it doesn’t happen unless we are fully nourished. We can GIVE-UP dieting because it isn’t how we are designed to eat. We can Give-Up telling our bodies what to do and start listening to our bodies. We can help supply our bodies with the nourishment they need to do millions of jobs and quit getting into our bodies way of doing what it does naturally. Our bodies biggest enemy or biggest ally is us
Give your body what it needs to do it’s job and function how it is designed. You can do this, you can Give-Up fighting against your design and GIVE-IN to caring for your design to look and feel your best.

Best friend or worst enemy?

FB4786B8-FE2C-4042-84F2-A611B9B8E406.jpegHere’s the truth. We are either our worst enemy or our best friend. There is no gray area. If we cannot love and care for ourselves  in healthy and natural ways, then we will always give that same type of care away. For better or for worse, who we are and how we respond to our own needs will determine how we feel, what we do, where we go and how we experience our relationship with others.
If you want to change anything about yourself or your relationships, then start by asking  yourself some questions.
Do I love myself?
Do I listen to myself?
Do I search for truth?
Does what I do reflect that I love myself?
Do I eat to love myself?
Do I expose myself to people and places where I can be true physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally?
Does my life reflect a love myself?
Do you know yourself and do you accept yourself? I mean all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Do I give myself grace, mercy, forgiveness and love? Do I spend time with myself? Do I know what’s going on in my spirit, heart, mind and body?
Do I surround myself with people who are living honestly and are giving their time, talents and truths to love and encourage me?

Can you be alone with yourself? Is this a place a rest or anxiety? Why?

How can you give away the greatest gifts that live inside of you, if you don’t know what they are and you have not spent the the time to find them?

People don’t need your presents. They need your presence. They need your truth, your time and your talents. Create the space to get to know yourself and accept yourself.  In this space, you will have infinite opportunities to love yourself with all your heart, soul and strength; and watch how that crazy stubborn love overflows to your neighbor. Love starts with you. ❤️

Power of presence

View More: http://emileestanleyphotography.pass.us/vive-finalsI think we are desperately looking for places to be known and accepted. At least, I know I am. I deeply desire places that are full of real people that I can touch, smell, see and hear.

Community cannot happen in places where we cannot be our whole-selves and cannot be fully present (body, heart, mind and spirit). We are designed to live in real community where we can practice receiving and giving honor and respect to our voices, truths, gifts and time. We are also designed to sit down together to real meals and share our laughter, tears, fears, hopes and dreams.

If we don’t create these places, then we will continue to look for life in places where we are forced to disconnect our real person from the gifts of our truth, talents, time and presence. We cannot possibly fit our whole-person in a tweet, post or pic; and without the ability to be fully present, we will be disconnected from the divine power that lives within us and is unleashed in real relationships. Remember your experience, strength and hope are gifts that you can give to us to know you better and to encourage us to know ourselves more. Even our dark places, annoying habits, deep fears and hard truths have a purpose to help us grow. Why would you fragment yourself and only give us parts of yourself without giving us the entire you?

There is Power in Presence. There is Power in Truth. There is Power in Love. We desperately need your presence to experience your truth and love; and to expose the power that lives inside of us.



Create the space to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move. Practice this basic routine to nourish your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships.


Good news is your doing it already.

Breath creates an awareness of your presence in the present.
Breathing connects you to your spirit by helping you remember who you are and how you are designed.
Knowing who you are is as important as breathing. It is your beginning and it sets everything in motion.
Who are you are in the present moment? You are loved, you are worthy, you are a gift.. Know who you are…if you know who you are, then you are on your way to feel, think and move the way you are designed.
Create the space and take the time to Breathe.