Nourish you

VIVE Alchemy is NOT the latest and greatest “diet, exercise, body or life transformation program”. Instead of a program to do, VIVE Alchemy would like to invite you to a process that we call true design living.

True design living that WILL NATURALLY help you to lose weight, look better, feel better and move better not just physically, but as a whole person. We will talk about the way you are designed to exercise not workout, to eat not diet and how you are not supposed to live life according to a program. WE invite you to a different conversation and a different way to approach food and exercise that engages, equips and enables the whole person to be free from rules, formulas, measurements, winning, losing, blood, sweat and tears. VIVE Alchemy is the way you are designed to be nourished through the whole-person connection that food and exercise was meant to provide.

But… Where do we start?

We don’t start with what you should and should not do. We start with you. We start with getting to know you. Do you know you? Have the exercise and diet programs that you’ve participated in the past helped you to get to know you better? Or have the exercise and diet programs asked (I mean told) you to ignore what your body, mind and heart are saying.

Rather than allowing room for you to feel, think or ask questions, they tell you to just do it, JUST OBEY. Can I ask, how’s that working for you? If you’re not listening to yourself then who will and if you’re not listening to yourself then how do YOU decide what’s best for you?