Calorie burn truth

A calorie burned is a calorie burned and honestly most people cannot keep up the level and intensity of “workouts” that one would need to burn 500 calories an hour let alone 1000. Most calorie monitors are seriously flawed bc you need an accurate heart rate monitor.

Here’s what you should expect to burn, per minute, in your next cardio session.

Low-Intensity Training
Activity: softball, golf
The Burn:

4-6 calories if you’re fit
6-8 calories if you’re not
Moderate-Intensity Training
Activity: jogging, rowing
The Burn:

8-10 calories if you’re fit
10-12 calories if you’re not
High-Intensity Training
Activity: running, boxing
The Burn:

12-15 calories if you’re fit
15-20 calories if you’re not

-men’s health

Now compare calories burned “working out” to basic household chores.

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