We are not animals.

IMG_0998.JPGWe make a big mistake when we compare our dietary habits to animals unless we are looking at the unique design of each animal and how they are designed to survive in their unique environments. For instance, humpback whales live in the ocean and they are physically designed to eat what is available to them and they eat what they are designed to eat. (Same goes for birds, insects, dogs, cats, lions, fish and on and on.)

Like animals, humans have a design. How do we know what we are designed to eat? Simply by observing how we are designed, what nourishes our bodies and what we can eat to fullness with no negative effects, without rules or worrying about calories. In VIVE, we return to the basics of how we are designed to eat natural Whole Foods.

Join us at Vivealchemy.com and discover how we are designed to eat and exercise. As Always, we want you to research and start to think through how you are designed. Follow this link for more information.

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