Discover how you are naturally designed to be healthy.

A photo by frank mckenna. is our Human Design?

Everyday we wake up to a world that wants to sell us an infinite amount of products, ideas, theories, information and positions. As most successful marketers know, they really aren’t selling anyone products.Instead, they are selling us an identity and if they can tell us who we are, then they can sell us basically anything. No doubt, we have all been there and done that. Heck, our whole economy is built on identity marketing. Yet, to sell ourselves out at the most basic level is without a doubt no small matter. When we allow anyone to give us an identity, we surrender ourselves to another to tell us how to think and feel, and what to do. Basically, we allow someone else to tell us how to live our lives and we offer someone a divine position over us.

In a culture of nonstop information and access to anything and everything that we could ever want or imagine, how do we not lose ourselves in consuming and end up being consumed? The answer is by knowing who we are. So, the question is “Who are we?”.
There is a lot of misinformation and confusion about who we are and how we are supposed to feel, think, and act. Every day we are told to be something. We are told to be good, grateful, happy, successful, clean, funny, serious, dedicated, sexy, good-looking, peaceful, competitive, a good parent, a faithful spouse, a loyal friend, a fair sibling, an obedient child, a good student, a hard-working employee, and on and on.

If I were to ask you who you were, you would most likely answer the question with: I am a mom, dad, daughter, son, teacher, CEO, runner, blogger, etc. You would most likely answer who you are by something you think you are doing well or who you are relationally to other people. While we may try to describe “who we are” by what we do and what roles we have in some relationships or circumstances, yet none of these things are who we really are at our most basic level.

The true human design is who we are all the time. It’s the design that exists from the time we are born until the time we die. Human design never changes. It’s not something we should ever hide. The human design is mysteriously complex, but it is not complicated to understand. It is simple but not simplistic. It is true, and it is knowing our true design that will set us FREE. Free from trying to be someone we can’t, free from unrealistic expectations, and free to experience and enjoy ourselves, others, and our lives.

The Human Design, at the most basic level, is not what we do. It is our being. It is our being that entered the world and the same being that will leave this world. When we dig down to the deepest levels in our being, we discover our human being design. In our most pure, sacred and untouched parts we find that the human being design is weak, vulnerable, transparent, sensitive, needy, insecure, fragile, desperate, and dependent. Of course, at first read, this definition of human design goes against everything we have probably ever heard. Yet, it is this design that we can honestly respond YES to all the time and find everything we need and everything we are designed for to experience rest, love, truth, joy, wisdom, help, hope, mystery, wonder, creativity, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

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