Your health affects me

Your health doesn’t just affect you, it affects your family, your friends, your neighbor, your community and your world.
We are in real health crisis not just in Knoxville, TN but all over our country because 1) healthcare is not about healthcare, it’s about money 2) the medically trained experts are absolutely not experts in preventing and reversing sickness and disease 3) the self- proclaimed “experts” are clearly in the business of making money and have no idea how we are designed NOT to use diets, formulas or programs to control our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies 4) we refuse to take responsibility for own health and had rather be spoon fed crumbs and justify the ways we refuse to love and care for ourselves.

Where I live, we are now in the top 10 cities in the country for obesity and yet it is not addressed by leaders in the government or health community. We have diet-related sickness and disease skyrocketing in children and adults and insurance companies that refuse to offer services in our area but we continue to remain silent on an issue that is the number one killer.
We are encouraged to consume and we consume without any thought to the impact to ourselves or others, and we joke about the number one way we are destroying ourselves and community.

Your health is not a joke. Your life matters. We all need you. Your family needs you. You need you to give your body what it needs to do as it’s designed to fight, prevent and reverse disease, sickness, and weight-related illness.
Together we can do this.

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