You Don’t Have to Kill Yourself in the Gym

“Extreme” anything sells product. It is pure marketing genius. Advertising has trained us to go for the biggest, the best and the fastest, especially in the fitness and diet world.

Every year, we are bombarded with the craziest, hardest and quickest way to build muscle and shed tons of body fat in the shortest amount of time. No matter what science says about what it takes to build muscle and lose body fat, we still buy into what these programs are selling. The truth is, if these programs, or muscle-building moves, actually worked then why is there a completely different “improved” program or move being sold on the cover of next month’s edition of your favorite fitness magazine as “the best” or “new and improved”?


It’s time to have an honest conversation. Killing yourself in the gym DOES NOT work and is simply a waste of time if you are not nurturing your whole person and giving it the nourishment it needs to be healthy and happy. There is no point killing yourself in the gym if you are eating badly, or if you can’t walk, stand or sit correctly! Most gym workouts are done incorrectly and are not sustainable. Therefore, there is no point killing yourself in the gym.

VIVE Alchemy invites you to approach food and exercise in a way that nourishes your body, giving it what it needs to do its job to shed excess weight, toxins and waste without you having to kill yourself in the gym.

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