Why So Serious?

When did we become so serious about food and exercise?

Perhaps it was when we forgot who we are at our core and things like food and exercise became ways we judge ourselves, our friends and our communities. Food is no longer meant to just feed our bodies. It is the way we determine how serious we are about our health, becomes our emotional comfort, the ways we lose weight loss and gain muscle. We also use food and exercise to judge others. The mantra, “You are what you eat,” is no longer just a buzz-phrase. It has been internalized to become an identity and a worldview. Someone’s worldview is nothing to mess with. Who knew “wild blueberries” or “kale” were such fighting words?

Can we put our diet and exercise religion aside and remember that food is just food and exercise is just exercise and neither should be very complicated? Food and exercise should not be the main topics of our conversations or the foundation on which we build our identities, relationships, hopes and dreams.

VIVE Alchemy invites you into a conversation focused more on you and less on food and exercise, and where we learn to focus on nourishing ourselves and our connection to others with love no truth.

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