When did we quit asking why?

What has happened to us? Every day we are bombarded with the latest book, program, article, blog and video telling us what to eat and how to exercise. For the most part, we just do what we are told without question and we absorb this information as fact. Why?

Why has it been so easy to be sold ideas about food and exercise that just are not true? Why is it that we never question what we are sold and accept it as fact because it’s in print or on video? When did we stop asking “why?”

“Why?” is the number one question we ask as kids, and it should continue to be the number one question we ask as adults. When someone tells you what to do with your life or your body, you should ask “why?” You deserve a real understanding of why you eat what you do and why you exercise the way you do.

VIVE Alchemy is the result of me asking “why?” and we encourage you to ask the same question. This is your place to learn how your body, mind, heart and spirit are designed, and for you to learn the best way to nourish your unique person.

VIVE Alchemy invites you to ask “Why?” too.

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