What Does Your Heart Have to Do with Diet and Exercise?

For most of us, it’s much easier to think and talk about food and exercise than to have an honest conversation with ourselves or others about how we are doing.

So, many of us use food and exercise to control our emotions, whether we are distracting ourselves from our feelings or using food for comfort. This method of dealing with ourselves may work for a while, but like everything else that we use as a means to an end, the end result will never last because the means we are using cannot give us the real result we all seeking.

The heart is the center of our beings and it was not designed to be filled or satisfied with food, exercise, information, results, awards, money, pride or success. The heart is not the ego; it is not satisfied by winning or devastated by losing. The heart is satisfied and nourished by being known and accepted in emotional intimacy with others, and by the approval, worth, rest, hope and joy found in love.

When the heart is given love and it is both known and accepted, it overflows into the connection with the body, mind and spirit. A person who knows they are loved, doesn’t need to use food, exercise, any external object or activity, or even themselves, in an attempt to feel approval, value or comfort. If a person is loved, they already have all of these things. Knowing they are loved, in their heart, enables them to enjoy food and exercise as a way to nourish the body.

For years, I distracted my heart with just about anything I could: food, exercise, alcohol, kids, job, religion, even relationships. I used them as a means to my end, to make me feel okay about me.

If you had seen me a year ago, I looked pretty damn good on the outside, but inside I was the saddest I had ever been. Ultimately, my body couldn’t take being used anymore to distract myself from the truth in my heart. My body broke down and brought me to a place where I could listen to my heart and ask why I was killing myself in the gym. Honest conversation happened and I realized I could not out-exercise the truths of my heart.

I needed to understand that love could never be earned through a body, a talent, a mind or a spirit. Love could never be earned by how I looked or what I did or didn’t do. Love cannot be earned because love is a gift. Gifts cannot be earned, only received. When I received that gift of love, everything, including exercise and food, began to take their correct place in my life — as ways to nourish my whole person.

VIVE Alchemy invites you to discover the truths of your heart and to experience the overflow of love in how you think, feel, move and connect.

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