We are not designed for portions and serving sizes

The portion or serving-size diet does not fit all or fill up anyone.  We are not designed to portion anything meant to fill us up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are not designed to limit water, food, air, sunshine, rest, hope, joy, peace, knowledge, acceptance, beauty, comfort and love.

The body, mind, heart and spirit work together with the necessary nutrients to create a natural balance that enables the whole person to grow and flourish. When we try to use food as a means to an end, it fragments us and puts one part of ourselves in competition with another. When we do this, we aren’t listening to our mind, body, spirit and heart, and we neglect to ask why.

As a result, we don’t know what truly nourishes us. Portion-sized and serving-sized diets are inherent to not knowing how we are designed to eat or about the connection that exists between our body, heart, mind and spirit.

Each of us is uniquely designed to be nourished differently- as determined by the size of your stomach, the fruits you enjoy, the books you read, the work you do, or your talents and skills but the basics are the same: we eat, drink, poop, breathe, walk, talk, think, feel and love. We do all of these when we are nourished by natural things like water, air, fruits, vegetables, friendship, music, rest etc.

The fun part is discovering the most enjoyable ways to nourish yourself. Only then can your body, mind, heart and spirit work together to reveal your best self.

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