The whole-person effects of dieting

How does dieting make you feel physically, emotionally, mentally?

If food or the word “diet,” elicits any feeling other than enjoyment, you probably shouldn’t eat it or do it.
You are a whole person and food should be received with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual enjoyment. Using food as a means to an end, like dieting, means one part of you is going to enjoy the food but probably not the other parts. If you eat to satisfy a purely physical craving, it may satisfy the physical craving, but will leave you feeling mentally bogged down.

Let’s say you are using food for a spiritual reason and may be fasting on water. The lack of nutrients will drain you physically, emotionally and mentally. If you are an emotional eater and you binge on ice cream every night because you are sad, bored or lonely, then you are definitely going to see and feel the negative effects in your body, and your mind will do serious gymnastics to justify your nightly ice cream feast.

Food was designed to nourish the mind, body, heart and spirit as one. Food was not designed to be used as way to alter our thoughts, emotions, desires or even our bodies.

Nourish yourself as you are designed and watch your true-self evolve and grow together mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. No part of you is more important than the other and any diet that asks you to deny parts of yourself to get a result is GUARANTEED to fail.

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