The effects of exercise

How does exercise make you feel physically, emotionally, mentally?

If exercise exposes feelings of dread, guilt, shame, fear, competition, anxiety, judgment or pride, then it is unhealthy.
Everyday exercise should never expose our vulnerabilities, insecurities, fears or hurts. Exercise should never ask us to check our heart and mind at the door. Exercise should not tell us who we are or who we are not. Exercise is not a place for us to compete with ourselves or others. (We’re not talking about sports, in this case. Sports are designed for competition but even sports should not be something from which we get our identity.)

If exercise exposes you and breaks you down physically, mentally or emotionally, it is unhealthy. Your manhood or womanhood is not determined by exercise and neither is your emotional or mental strength. Exercise doesn’t make you cool or uncool, popular or unpopular, and exercise shouldn’t be how we determine our relationships and community.

Exercise IS a way we move to nourish our whole-person. When it becomes anything more than a way to nourish or when it becomes fragmented and used as a means to an end, exercise is no longer in it’s designed place. Exercise is a way the whole-person can be nourished physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
It’s time to discover your real talents, beauty and design, and to stop using exercise to try to get something it was never designed to give.

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