Pinterest Boards, Workouts and Fragmented Thinking

There is so much information about food and exercise in magazines, books, television and social media that most people have developed a fragmented approach to eating, working out and living. I like to call it the “Pinterest Way To Life.”

We pick and pin what we consider the “best ways” to eat, whether to lose weight, entertain, comfort our cravings or get nutrients. In the same way, we pick and pin what we consider the “best ways” to exercise to get abs, build muscle, lose weight quickly or build a better butt. We do the same thing with other areas of our life. Every area has a board with hundreds of pins, but no one seems to know how or if it all comes together.

What we have lost in this fragmented approach is an understanding of just where to begin and how we are designed. When we approach food or exercise as the means to an end as a way to get a result, we forget that there is a whole-person approach to food, exercise and life that begins with you. Until you understand how you were designed to eat, move and live, you will never know the best things for you to do.

VIVE Alchemy invites you to become who you are designed to be and enjoy the life you are designed to live.

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