VIVE Workout rebuilds the Basics

I wish I could say “just go out and sit, stand and walk correctly.” For most people though, there has been a breakdown.

This breakdown comes from muscle imbalance, chronically bad movement patterns, bad muscle memory and weaknesses that must be corrected from the glutes (butt) down.

Walking, sitting, standing and moving correctly DOES NOT start in the feet or the core. All movement begins in the butt. The glutes are the biggest muscles in your body. They guide movement. Your glutes really are your base. The reason you sit, stand and walk incorrectly started in your butt, therefore, it has to be the focus of our retraining efforts.

VIVE Workout is designed to correct glute problems.

VIVE Workout corrects alignment, posture and movement through specific exercises that strengthen and stretch the entire body, especially the glutes.

Most traditional exercises, like squats, lunges and deadlifts, are done incorrectly due to a lack of basic strength needed to have correct form. Incorrect form creates further muscle imbalance. These exercises are unnecessary for most people in their daily lives and activities. They don’t work your glutes like you think they do, even when done correctly, and these exercises can never counterbalance 12 hours a day of moving incorrectly.

VIVE Workout creates a basic level of glute strength, as well as overall strength, flexibility and mobility, which we need for optimal daily movement.

VIVE Workout also creates a basic level of strength needed before you ever think about adding weights or doing a more strenuous exercise.

VIVE Workout is a return to foundational strengthening that will have you moving the way you were designed- allowing you the confidence and ability to add activities you enjoy to your already enjoyable everyday exercise routine.

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