“I Workout So I Can Eat Whatever I Want”

Good luck with that. EVERYONE in the fitness world knows that this is one of the biggest myths out there. Unless you are a professional athlete who exercises all day long or you are someone who was born with an unnatural metabolism, you cannot eat whatever you want.

Anyone marketing a weight-loss exercise program to you without talking about what you are eating is not being honest. The reason you don’t hear from exercise marketers about the reality that you cannot eat whatever you want, is because you might actually pause and ask, “if exercising doesn’t allow me to eat whatever I want, then why am I exercising?” and you might not buy their latest and greatest exercise program.

In fact, exercising strenuously sets you up to think that your gym workout earned you more food. But, when most Americans consume 300-400 above their recommended calorie intake, it’s going to take at least an hour of daily strenous exercise just to maintain your weight and even more exercise to lose some.

Walk away from this dysfunctional and fragmented way of thinking about food and exercise. VIVE Alchemy invites you to a new conversation and a return to the enjoyment of exercise without strain, stress and the pressure of weight-loss. When we give our bodies the nutrients they are designed for, they will burn fat, shed toxins, fight disease and be nourished by every day movement without the stress and strain of hard workouts   .

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