Huge Ass Problem

We have a huge ass problem. It’s not that huge asses are a generally a problem. The problem is most people have weak asses.

Why is a weak ass a problem? Weak glute muscles ultimately lead to complete body breakdown, all the way down to the feet.

The way a person walks is a direct result of having weakness in their butt muscles, which leads to chronic pain and injuries from lower back pain, sciatica, IT band syndrome, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, patella tendonitis, and groin and hamstring injuries.

Physical strength and alignment start in the butt. The butt becomes weak when we don’t walk enough, sit for too long and do not move the way we were designed. Most people have weak butts that have caused major body breakdown. In order for the entire body to move the way it was designed, the butt muscles, the largest in the body, must be strengthened and restored to proper alignment.

At VIVE Alchemy, we want to solve your huge ass problem.

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