Give Your Body What it Needs

If you don’t give your body what it needs, then it cannot do its job to create a natural balance and flow that sheds excess weight rids itself of toxins, nourishes itself with nutrients and fight, treats and prevents diet-related disease and sickness.

Your body was born with a design. No one has to program your body to tell it how to digest food, pump blood, inhale oxygen or send messages to the brain. Your body is capable of performing the most complex functions and it is trying to do the millions of jobs it was designed to do with or without your help.  But, your body sure could use your help. It needs you to give it what it needs to do a million jobs and function at it’s highest level but it doesn’t need you to try and do its jobs. Most of our bodies are starving for the healthy routines that supply our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies with an unlimited amount of nutrients found in natural things like fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, water, walking, sun, rest, beauty, truth, nature, art, imagination and love.

When you supply your whole-person with the things you are designed for and your body is nourished, then you will see the external results of weight loss and so many more results that cannot be calculated, scored, weighed or measured.

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