Get Out of the Gym

Gym workouts are a waste of time if you cannot sit, stand or walk correctly. In fact, when you are unable to walk, sit or stand correctly, a gym workout will break you down faster by exposing the weaknesses that exist in your basic movements.

Has someone ever told you about those results? Probably not, because we have built a diet and fitness industry on marketing and making money off the “idea” of weight loss. The industry encourages you to participate in programs that put pressure on you (not the program) to lose weight regardless of how bad it hurts or if doesn’t make sense. The program is never the failure, you are.

The truth is you are not a failure. Say that to yourself. “I am not a failure.” These programs fail if they do not address how you walk, stand or sit. They fail if they don’t help you reach a level of alignment, strength and posture before increasing activity. They fail if they forget to tell you that you cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

VIVE Alchemy invites you to learn how to move the way you are designed. By becoming an all-day exerciser, you don’t have to go to the gym but if you do a visit to the gym becomes just another way to nourish an already fully nourished body.

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