Food Points, Rewards and Punishment

“Diet” plans that give you the carrot or the stick, points earned or points deducted, praise or threats are all the same no matter how you package it.

Let’s see how “the stick” has worked for us: We know programs that use punishment, fear, guilt or shame, do not encourage real change. We don’t have to look far to see how that’s played out on every level in America. Compliance may occur for a short time, but when negative motivation is the only thing standing between you and what you want to do, negative motivation will stop working.

Positive motivation isn’t all that different. “The carrot” or reward approach will bring about compliance for a while, but external motivation, whether positive or negative, is just that — external — and in the end, not very motivating. External motivation will never change the internal desires that ultimately determine our choices.

Where did we ever get the idea that positive or negative motivation can change people? We don’t need a reward system, nor is eating a way we reward ourselves or “win points”. Eating is not a game. Eating keeps us alive by nourishing our bodies. Eating is a basic part of our daily lives and shouldn’t be the primary focus of our day or how we are scoring ourselves.

At VIVE Alchemy, we don’t believe you need to be rewarded or externally motivated to eat better. We believe you need to be set free. We believe that by walking alongside you, teaching you how you are designed, encouraging you to listen to yourself, enabling you to ask questions and nurture yourself, we can work together to reveal your best you — the you that does not want or need someone or something trying to control you with external motivation.

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