Eat to satisfaction.

Eating to fullness is a must, because it is how we are designed to eat.

Just as important as eating to fullness is eating the right things that can fill you up. We are designed to eat an unlimited amount of whole foods. One of the main reasons that we are always eating and talking about food is because we are starving for the nutrients that only whole foods can provide.

You may have heard me say “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.”. It’s not a new saying and I have heard a lot of trainers and an even a national diet spokesperson say the exact same thing. What’s hilarious is that these same people are trying to sell you a bad diet.

It’s time to stop trying to out-exercise a bad diet with bad exercises. It’s time to stop trying to nourish your body with a nutrient-deficient, portion-sized bad diet.

Your body is a gift and you are a gift. You are the only one, who can give your body the unlimited nutrients to fill you up. Feeling full comes from receiving a volume of high quality, nutrient-dense food. Even if you consumed a large amount of food, if it didn’t provide your body the nutrients it needs, then your body would still want more. It’s time to give your body more!

VIVE Alchemy invites you to a different approach to food that both satiates (fills you up) and satisfies your whole-persons need for nutrients.

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