Eat to satiation

The serving size, portion-controlled diet does not work because you are designed to eat to fullness. A meal that leaves you hungry has not satisfied you mentally, emotionally or physically. If you leave a meal feeling hungry, the lack of satiation will not be denied.

At some point, no matter what distractions you employ, you are still denying yourself and you will make up for it. The body, heart and mind will not be denied. Physically denying yourself from the way you were designed to eat will have consequences, whether you make up for it in the short run or the long run.

This is the reason we “cheat” on our portion-controlled diet and why we binge-eat and gain back all the weight we’ve lost, plus more. You are designed to enjoy food and part of that enjoyment comes from eating to fullness.

VIVE Alchemy invites you to enjoy the way you were designed; to enjoy a full stomach, a full heart, a full mind, a full spirit and a full life.

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