Diet is a 4 letter word

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

It’s one of the biggest lies that we tell ourselves and others. Truth is that words do hurt and can can devastate us. Words have the power to immediately expose our deepest fears, vulnerabilities, insecurities, guilt, shame or pride. Words can elicit a flurry of emotions and thoughts. In some cases, even if a spoken word has no ill-intention behind it, the word itself encompasses a complete story that can never be separated from the feelings, thoughts and experiences attached to it.

“Diet” has become just such a word.

Diet is not really a bad word; it actually refers to the kinds of food you eat on a daily basis as a way of life. Unfortunately, it has been misused to mean denial, restriction, deprivation, pain, guilt, dread, failure and judgment. In this context, using the word “diet” must be avoided at all costs. The emotional and mental fallout from the misuse of “diet” starts us on the path of thinking and feeling that will end in failure 99% of the time.
It’s a waste of time to redeem the word diet. Let’s lose the word for now and not have a word to describe the way you eat. Instead, let’s just think about eating as a way of gifting your body with amazing nutrients that it enjoys, and that equips and enables your body to do its job.

What is a bad diet?

  • A bad diet is:
  • Anything called a diet
  • Based on portion control
  • Uses a reward or punishment system
  • Requires accountability
  • Has to constantly be managed and balanced
  • Where food is your main focus or the main topic of conversation
  • Anything from which you get an identity
  • Anything that is not sustainable (You can’t do for the rest of your life)
  • Anything that doesn’t tell the truth about foods or has little to no research behind the foods you are being told to eat
  • Different from how you should eat every day of your life from childhood to old age
  • Uses pride, guilt, shame or fear to “motivate”
  • Allows the majority of your daily foods to be processed
  • Limits all-natural, unprocessed whole foods
  • Anything that is your connection in a relationship or community of people
  • Makes you judge others and makes you judge yourself
  • Is not based on common sense or not easily understood
  • Uses denial and distraction as tools of success
  • Doesn’t tell you there are some foods you absolutely should not eat
  • Tells you to do what you are told and doesn’t allow for lots of questions
  • Requires perfection
  • Uses words like “motivate,” “compete,” “success” or “failure”
  • Approaches the body to accomplish one result
  • Approaches food as a means to an end to control your body

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