Burpees are Stupid

How did an exercise that tests whether soldiers are ready for the battlefield become a staple in everyday fitness routines? How has a test move that burns just two calories a rep (at best), become marketed as a crazy calorie-burning exercise?

Does it make sense that a battlefield readiness test that burns very few calories, most people cannot even do correctly, increases risk of injury of the back, shoulders and knees and would never be done at any point in your everyday life become part of a fitness program? No, it doesn’t.

Let’s just say, hypothetically, you could do 10 burpees correctly for a minute. You just burned 20 calories. Could you do burpees for 30 minutes? The world record for pushup burpees in 1 minute is 36, which translates into maybe 72 calories burned. (Just remember a 16 ounce gatorade is 80 calories.)

Do you know what you can do that’s a million times easier and better than burpees? You can walk! You can walk all day long and get thousands of easy and natural nourishing steps. That’s thousands of reps that strengthen and stretch your entire body and positively impact your entire system; and you can get up and do it again tomorrow and the next day.

Unless you are “training” for a burpee competition, burpees are not an exercise that should be part of your everyday life or fitness routine. Bring some common sense back and start moving the way your body was meant to nourish itself easily and naturally.

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