It’s time for a real return to basics.
Don’t you love when people tell you to return to the basics of food and exercise, and it ends up being some “new and improved” workout with exercises a caveman never would have done, along with a heavily processed meal-replacement shake and a handful of the latest supplements.

“Basic” is not so basic in the diet and fitness world, especially when we need to measure and track every bite, step and rep. No one really wants to sell us the real “basics” because it’s a hard thing to make money off of and an even harder thing to measure and track. Regardless of the lack of marketing appeal that true basics offer, they are the answer to how we should eat and move.

What exactly are the real basics? They are just that — basic and they are so basic that they just become a part of your life and your daily routine. Think about the most basic things that keep us alive. Do any of us constantly focus on breathing or our hearts pumping? Food and exercise should be just as basic as breathing. We should be able to just eat and to just exercise without thinking much about it; and we can do this when we eat and exercise to nourish our whole/ person the way we are designed.

VIVE Alchemy invites you to experience a basic approach to food and exercise that will free you to use your time, energy and money to live the life you are designed to live by learning what the basics are and how to do them well.

Be basic and Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look, Move


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