Listen, love and live

If you want to be boring and limited, then hang out with the same people, do the same thing and never be challenged, pulled or stressed. Not only will you always be right, you’ll be the only person you know.

Live courageously by exposing yourself to new people, new experiences, new thoughts, new mysteries, new tastes, new sights and new sounds. See what happens? What comes out of you when you put yourself in situations where you have no control and no idea what could happen next. We are designed to be exposed, stretched and rubbed the wrong way to discover more about ourselves, others and our world.

Comfort and security should happen at a deep spiritual level to free you to live a life chasing dreams, creating amazingly beautiful things out of chaos, imagining the unimaginable and risking your life and love to experience and enjoy your one life. Chase  comfort and security and deny yourself seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, hearing and experiencing your life.

Perhaps this anxiety that we all feel is the deep knowing and rebellion to these bullshit lives we live stuffing ourselves with junk foods, junk experiences, junk relationships and junk information.

I don’t think we will look back and regret not eating more, not drinking more, not entertaining ourselves more, not being on social media more and not buying more. There’s no doubt we will always have regrets but the one thing we will never regret is living each day to it’s fullest by being present and moving to know more about ourselves, others and our world. Be courageous and listen, love and live.

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