Your health is in your hands

I have a real problem with a doctor questioning my nutrition choices when they have had little or no nutritional training and I have watched them gain more and more weight every year. Research shows most doctors receive little to no training or education on nutrition. Most doctors are uneducated about eating plant based and have not studied the massive amount of real research tied to diet and disease.
Why are we leaving our health in the hands of doctors who have NEVER been trained on how to prevent sickness and disease? Doctors are experts at fixing an immediate problem but are clueless on health and wellness.
It’s time to learn about ourselves and how there is a part of our health we can control. Obesity, diabetes, cancer and disease are sky-rocketing in adults and kids but we can partner with our bodies to fight those diseases. We have a design that works, when we give ourselves the basics. Basics are not complicated, they are the simplest things that we can easily do everyday to nourish our whole-person. Our health is in our hands. We have a real part to play in the fight against obesity, disease and sickness; and honestly, the fight is pretty easy. Discover how you are designed to Vive at VIVE Alchemy.

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