The Einstein diet

IMG_0043Before you go on a diet, do some research. This is your body and your health. Believe it or not, your health affects many people. Billions are being spent on people who treat their bodies like crap.

If weight-loss is your only goal, then you could basically eat anything in small enough portions. You could lose weight eating one candy bar a day. There are lots of people who have lost weight in very unhealthy ways. Think about all the diets you have tried and successfully lost weight by simply reducing your calories. Weight-loss is not hard, if you are willing to starve yourself. Diets do work to lose weight.

The question I am begging you to ask yourself is “Are you designed to diet?”
I don’t believe we are designed to diet or starve ourselves. I don’t believe health or weight-loss starts with what we eat. I am asking you to give-up dieting and discover how you are designed to eat. We are not designed to eat to control our weight. We are not designed to use food to change the way we feel. We are not designed to think about our health in terms of numbers.

Pull the blinders off and quit just doing what you are being told. You have a mind, use it. You are more than a body, so quit approaching your health like a formula. Quit thinking that you don’t have an important part to play in the fight against sickness and disease.

The time for the dumb jock is over. If you want to play dumb and act like your body can’t handle natural and whole foods, then that’s one thing but don’t turn around and believe your body can handle sodas, fast food, fake protein powders, pills, processed foods, chips and meat that is so far removed from nature it’s insulting.

Health is a practice not a program. Health happens we consistently practice the basics. But what are the basics? Basics are not diets. Basics are learning how you are designed to eat to fullness, listen to your body and satisfy your body’s hunger for nutrients.

We have a design that works. Discover how you’re designed to Vive and for the love God quit ignoring your need for truth, understanding and real food.

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