Too much information doesn’t help

There is so much contradictory information about food that we are as confused as ever about what we should and should not eat. Our approach to food seems to have no rhyme or reason. We grab information, like the “10 Best Superfoods” or “The Seven Greatest Fat- Burning Foods,” to create what looks like a Pinterest board eating plan.

We are confused and even paralyzed by information overload, and our past experiences with diets have put such a bad taste in our mouth that just the word “diet” makes us cringe. Diets are not sustainable. Do you know of anyone who has stayed on the same diet for years? Have you ever stayed on the same diet for a year? Ok, so if you are that rare person, and I mean the rare person who has stayed on a diet for years, then how much time and energy went into thinking, planning, counting and measuring what you ate? Was it fun? Was it liberating or did it feel like a food prison? Did it feel more like a denial than an invitation to food and nourishment?
We can’t avoid food talk because we can’t avoid food. We need food to live. For most of us, though, food has become central to our connection with family, friends and social activities. Managing food is how we achieve training or weight loss goals. We also use food to change our moods. Food has become a means to an end and we have developed a bad relationship with food. It’s pretty obvious when you think about the amount of time, energy and money we spend thinking and talking about food.
VIVE Alchemy invites you into a new conversation about food. We need to rediscover or remember how we are designed and how food nourishes that design. Food is food. Food is not your best friend or your worst enemy. Eating should be easy and enjoyable, giving your body everything it needs to do its job. Eat the way you are designed and you won’t deprive yourself of nutrients that regulate weight, fight disease, slow aging, and keep you looking, feeling and moving your best.
Food was never meant to be a weight-loss tool. You are not designed to be in a relationship with food or to use food as a means to change your body. Doing so has serious consequences. Eating the right foods will naturally, easily and drastically change not just your body but free you to live a life that doesn’t focus on food. You will see AMAZING results when you focus on nourishing your whole-person instead of fixating on food.

VIVE Alchemy can help you change the way you think and feel about food. Instead of food being a variable in a program or being your best friend, you will come to see food as a gift that nourishes the body, mind, heart, spirit and community.

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