Ignoring your body leads to failure

When you approach exercise and food as a means to an end (that is to lose weight or build muscle), you will disconnect and fragment yourself in order to get a result.

If the result you want is weight-loss, you will do what needs to be done to get that result. If part of you gets in the way of you losing weight, you will ignore and disconnect from that part: your heart, mind, body or relationships in order to continue to fit that part of yourself into a “formula for weight loss to success.”
Most weight-loss formulas demand that you not think or feel but just obey and do. Why are we so quick to do what we are told? Maybe because we are so confused with the overload of conflicting information. Or maybe we are overwhelmed with our own lives and exhausted by all of the failed attempts at the latest and greatest weight-loss programs that we just want to be told what to do.
When you use your body as a means to an end, like losing weight, you will ignore parts of your own body (physically, mentally and emotionally) that do not fit into the weight loss formula. Formula living is not living at all, and a disconnected approach to weight loss sets you up to fail. You might get away with ignoring parts of yourself temporarily but this will lead to a breakdown at some point. Guaranteed.
Ignoring any part of yourself will always fail to sustain results. You may ignore your incorrect alignment in your weight-loss boot camp but it’s only a matter of time before misalignment leads to injury. You may ignore the hunger that you constantly feel on your diet but it’s only a matter of time before your body rebels and makes up for being deprived. You can not outsmart your body and you can not ignore your body for any long period of time.
In VIVE Alchemy, we teach you to listen to your body and give it what it needs to do its job to regulate weight and be whole-person healthy. If you want to ignore something, then ignore the diet and fitness industry and come VIVE with us.

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