Food cannot fix you.

How can you absolutely guarantee the misuse of something? Focus all your time, energy, money and attention on it.
Any “diet” that makes you think about food all day, wants to talk about food all day and even wants to talk about food more than it wants talk about you is a bad “diet.”
A friend told me once about a girl she thought I should follow on Instagram. The girl once had a life-threatening eating disorder and now she talks about using food in a positive way. Sounds great, right? Here’s someone who had used food negatively and was now using food positively.
Something about that story just rubbed me the wrong way. The next morning it hit me: Why is someone who had been so obsessed with food STILL dedicating her life to talking about it? Whether it’s good talk or bad talk, she is making it her life to talk about food.
That focus on food is exactly the problem with a bad “diet”- we become obsessed with food. A bad diet makes food the focus of your daily life. We think about it, we talk about it with friends and in “diet” groups, and we use hotlines, coaches and apps that focus on food.
While we at VIVE Alchemy think it is important for you to have an honest conversation about food and learn how you are designed to nourish yourself with food, we do not believe food should be the focus of your day or your life. We do not believe food is the connection that exists between your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual parts.
Food keeps you alive and nourishes an internal connection, but wild blueberries or cupcakes don’t connect the heart to the mind or the mind to the spirit. Likewise, food is not a relationship connector. Food may be something you share with a friend, but food cannot be the connection in a relationship.
The bottom line is you can focus on food all day long and it won’t change your body, your heart, your mind, your spirit or your relationships. In reality, this focus on food usually sabotages the body. Food is neither your problem nor your solution.
Food is a basic need that doesn’t require all your attention. The more time and energy you spend focused on it, the less you spend focused on your whole person, the person who determines whether you use food as a means to an end or as a basic daily gift of nourishment.

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