You are enough for love

So I have this song in my head “Love is not enough” by Above and Beyond (my favorite). Anyway, I started this little mantra in my head saying “Love is enough”. In my heart, I truly want to believe love is enough, but will I ever believe it really is enough. I don’t know. Some days I do and some days I don’t.

I just started wondering if Love puts the pressure on me to believe that it is enough or does love just love me in all my belief and unbelief. If Love is powerful, strong, heavy and all consuming, then I believe it can handle taking the pressure off of me to believe love is enough and encourage me to believe that I am enough for love- which means there’s nothing I can do but be and be loved for just being me. I think can do that.

I think we can all just be and be loved. I think that’s where we can rest. We really cannot rest in our ability to believe but we can rest in the arms of someone that really  loves us for who we are and not who we wish we were or try to be. You are enough for love. It is a gift and not the result of the hard work of believing that love loves you. ❤ Love does just love you because you were we made in love, through love and for love.  I think love has you covered.

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